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Product image 3Shape Flexer Mosquito Net
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Large light-weight mosquito net (designed to go with the Shape Flexer). Closed top, dark olive green, adjustable elastic neck strap, 17.5 grams/.6 oz.

Wearer can see out of it very well.  Even in the sunlight!  No glare!


A closed top means you'll also be able to wear it without a hat if you'd like! (think times around dusk).

- LARGE SIZE - This is bigger than many mosquito nets out there, specifically made to fit around the large Shape Flexer brim.

Comes pretty close to the chest without tightening the cord or tucking the net in.  If the bugs are low to moderate, this provides adequate protection.

If the bugs are heavy, you can tighten the elastic cord with the small spring lock.

If the bugs are REALLY crazy, and your shirt doesn't have a collar, you can always tuck the net into your shirt.

Also, this net is still big enough to NOT have it rubbing directly against your face.

Additionally, this net is still SMALL enough (it weighs 17.5 grams!) to pack into the back pocket with the cape!    


Even when the adjustable cord is all the way loose, it hugs against the chest for super bug protection.

- SPECS - This net is 21.25 inch/54 cm high, the bottom has a circumference of  37.8 inch/96 cm, and the rounded top has a circumference of 15.7 inch/20 cm.

SUPER fine mesh.  522 holes per square inch/ 81 holes per sq cm.  


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