“The reason I know a thing or two about sunhats is that I’ve spent over half of my adult life traveling and trekking all over the world. Every day that I went outside, I had a sunhat with me. I realized how much more economically efficient they were than sunscreen (you don’t “run out” and you don’t have to keep “buying more”). Plus, they don’t leave your face greasy!

But, I hated the not being able to scrunch them up into my backpack and having to treat them like a delicate piece of equipment.

Also, they all blew into or out of my face on windy days. Plus, most of them I couldn’t machine wash for fear of warping the shape permanently...So I had to wash them by hand!"



EXACT same sunhat model... 

before-the-crush after-the-crush



"My choice was to either look like a 1930's railroad hobo, or fork over the cash for a new one!

Tried as I did to find a new hat that would be super wind resistant and hold its shape for several years through rain, packing, crushing, washing and wind - it didn't exist...

...I then decided to make one!"

I'm sure you'll find it as useful as I have.


C. Damien Henning


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