How do I select which size to buy?

The Shape Flexer® comes in three sizes that provide comfortable fits for most adult heads. We suggest using a soft fabric measuring tape to size your head and buy accordingly. Please click here for more help with sizing.

I'm on the border between 2 sizes.  What should I do?

It really depends on if you'd like a looser fit, or a more snug fit. If you trek hard in climates where you sweat a lot, and like to wear bandannas or additional sweatbands, I'd recommend the larger size (they DO compress a bit). If you prefer more of a snug fit (the material DOES have a bit of stretch) and you'd like a higher wind resistance, I'd recommend the smaller one. It will be snug, if you're okay with that. It's also a bit more wind resistant when it's more snug.  But I wouldn't recommend wearing anything UNDER this size, like a winter cap. Bear in mind that the material DOES stretch a bit, and can mold to the size of your head after a few wears. But if it's uncomfortable for you to have ANYTHING on your head that's even a little snug, go bigger.

Of course you can always order one of each of the sizes of each that you're between, keep the winner and return the loser. You only have to pay to ship one hat back. 

My Shape Flexer® is just a LITTLE too tight.  What can I do?

Put it in the dryer, and set it on high heat, and dry it for 30 minutes (don't wash it first if you're doing this, make sure it goes INTO the dryer while it's already dry).

When it's about to finish the 30 minute cycle, put a tennis headband/sweatband or a bandanna on your head (anything to make the circumference a little bigger), and then put the warm hat on your head OVER the bandanna or sweatband for about 30 minutes (it'll be a little tight of course, but it's supposed to be.  You'll be slowly stretching out the foam and fabric).  

Watch TVread, hang out, whatever (but don't do anything strenuous where you'll be sweating).  THEN, after everything has cooled and settled, take the hat and bandanna off, and you should find that the hat has stretched JUST A BIT, and it should fit you like a custom made glove.

Does the Shape Flexer® come with a Warranty?

Every hat comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty that covers any manufacturer's defect, and a 10-year full warranty on the flexible brim cable. Look at our warranty policy for more information.

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

We accept returns and exchanges within 15 days from the day of delivery. Please refer to our refunds and exchange policy for more details.

Is the Shape Flexer® REALLY waterproof?

Absolutely – in the same sense that a dive watch is waterproof. You can submerge your Shape Flexer® without fear of causing any damage. However, it WILL get wet. The stiff brim will keep raindrops from smacking your face in a downpour and the hat’s shape and structure will not be affected, but the hat and your head will eventually get wet.

Does the Shape Flexer® have space to store valuables?

Yes! The back pouch where the cape is stored can also be used for small valuables like cash and credit cards. They will stay hidden and secure under the cape.

Can I get one without the removable crown?

No, not at the moment. We have designed the zip to be disguised and unobtrusive for those who would prefer not to use this feature, and you can easily cut off the zipper pull with wire cutters if you don’t want it there. We may offer a version without this feature if there is enough demand for it, but at present there are no plans to do so.

What is the color of the underbrim?

Every Shape Flexer has a black underbrim.  This is because heat and light reflected off the ground is absorbed into black, therefor keeping the face and neck cooler. Underbrims with light colors reflect the heat and light reflected off the ground back into the face and neck area, cooking the head like an oven (especially on hot days).

Why is there a zipper on the brim, and why can't I unzip it?

The bulk of the hat is made in China.  But the high quality copper and plastic are both made in the USA.  As such, the best way found to attach the copper/plastic assembly is by using a pre-positioned zipper. The cable assembly is inserted, the zipper is zipped up, the slider is removed, and the ends are melted to ensure that the zipper never comes unzipped. It's meant to be zipped up once, and only once. Never to be unzipped. All of the manufacturers dealt with told us that the cable is WAY too thick to sew in. Getting that cable assembly secured to the brim was a massive challenge. But, we came up with a way. 

What is that utility button doing in the back?  Can I unbutton it?

It won't hurt the hat if the button is unbuttoned. Just button it back up and forget about it. Or, button and unbutton it as much as you want. It's entirely up to you. One reason the button is there (as you might have seen) is to cover the unsightly spots where the zipper is sealed to lock the cable in place permanently. It's partially cosmetic, but also functions as a place to keep the neck strap out of your way, keep the crown if you detach it, or hang a sweat band to dry out as you walk. However, the hat would work just as well if you wanted to cut the flap off with scissors. It's a trade off between seeing a flap and a button, or two ends of melted zipper next to each other.

Why is the utility button off center?

We knew we wanted the flap to be at the back of the hat somewhere. When deciding on whether or not to put it at the center back or off center, we asked several people where they thought it looked better overall. The vast majority thought it looked better off center. Plus, the hat is meant to be folded up twice to fit into small bags or a big pocket. When most people fold anything semi oval in half twice, they fold it at the top, bottom, and sides. So, if that snap button had been placed directly at the back, it would have interfered with people folding the hat at that spot.


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