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HatIf you are a traveler or someone who spends days drenched in sunlight, you would be smart to wear a sun hat during your trips or activities. A sun hat is more than just an accessory to your outfit. Acting as a barrier, a sun hat protects you from the harsh rays of the sun and other harmful elements of the environment.

The Shape Flexer sun hat is designed to offer unmatched quality, resilience, and portability. Coming in different hat styles and colors, our sun hat is also tailored to a wide range of tastes and lifestyles of our customers.

If you need a durable, protective hat to beat the summer heat, purchase our Shape Flexer sun hat. The multiple features of our sun hat can give you peace of mind knowing your dollar is well spent and your scalp is properly protected.

Why You Should Purchase and Use a Sun Hat

Some abandon the idea of wearing a sun hat during their travels, thinking it might be difficult to store or it would just add to the weight of their pack. However, this may not be the case at all. Here's why you would do well to bring a sun hat on your trip:

  • A sun hat helps protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

This is an obvious one and the most important benefit of a sun hat: sun protection. When you get too much sun exposure, UV rays are able to reach your inner layers. This situation is called sunburn, which can do serious damage to your skin cells and cause them to die or even develop cancer. Luckily, you can prevent these occurrences with a sun hat.

A sun hat gives you enough shade in hot, sunny weather and protects your face from UV rays. As a result, you get to protect yourself, maintain the good health of your skin, and even give your getup a stylish edge with a sun hat.

  • A sun hat helps protect you from other environmental elements.

Weather can change without warning on your trip, and you want to be ready when this happens. One way of being prepared is by wearing or bringing a sun hat with you.

A sun hat can protect your eyes from strong winds and the dust they carry. Additionally, you can use a sun hat to keep the water off your face or gear when there is a torrential downpour. 

  • A sun hat adds character to your outfit.

Besides protecting you from the sun, a sun hat can do wonders for your style and appearance. Wearing a sun hat while you brave the canyon lands or trek to the peak of a mountain can make your poses in pictures look instantly cooler. If you do not feel like having a sun hat on your head, you can always let it dangle at your back using its adjustable band.

  • A sun hat allows you to hide from the sun or curious eyes.

At some point during your travel, you may want to get some rest or take a nice nap. If this is the case, the last thing you want is the sun casting a bright light on your eyelids or the nearby people watching you sleep.

By positioning a sun hat over your face, you can take a break in peace and signal to everyone around that you are currently resting. This use of a sun hat especially comes in handy if you are going to a public beach or somewhere that is crowded. 

Switch to Shape Flexer

Are you looking for the best hat to wear on your trip? Switch to Shape Flexer today, and purchase your portable, durable, and wind-resistant sun protective hat. At Shape Flexer, we strive to offer high-quality products that will give you the most value for your money. Contact us to learn more about our all-purpose and all-weather hats.

Shape Flexer: The Perfect Sun Hat to Beat the Summer Heat

Sun hats are more than just an addition to your outfit. They protect you against harsh UV rays, which is why these products are important for your health. 

At Shape Flexer, we have the sun hat that can enhance your getup and provide a comfortable barrier against the summer heat. If you are searching for the right sun hat to wear during your travels, look no further than our Shape Flexer sun hat. Learn more about sun protection hats:

Shape Flexer: The Backstory

Our business owner, Damien Henning, is a well-traveled man. His mammoth backpacking trips would usually last for 3 to 12 months, and he has visited many countries in previous excursions.

As a traveler who wanders for days drenched in sunlight, Damien knows the importance of sun hats as protective head garments. However, none of the hats he has tried in the past fit his expectations. This led him to make and design his own sun hat. 

The Right Sun Hat for Everyone

Determined to create the sun hat that works in various weather conditions and travel circumstances, Damien took up the monumental task of making his dream sun hat. The pursuit had its set of challenges, but Damien plugged away, making several hat versions and notable improvements along the way. 

His determination paid off when his self-made sun hat began to attract the attention of his fellow travelers. They asked where his hat was from and wanted to get one for themselves. Damien saw this as a profitable opportunity and decided to start a business out of creating sun hats, which marked the beginning of Shape Flexer. 

The Shape Flexer Difference

We designed our first Shape Flexer sun hat in 2006, and we have been educating ourselves on the design and manufacturing of hats ever since. In this span of time, we have also tested hundreds of combinations of coating and wire and cable types and explored Asia for high-quality fabrics and patterns.

If you want a sun hat that offers unmatched quality, portability, and resilience, our Shape Flexer sun hat will not disappoint. This all-purpose, all-weather hat is a product of years of research and the brainchild of a traveler who deeply understands the importance of sun protective garments.

The Economically Efficient Option

As more people gravitate toward an economical lifestyle, wearing our Shape Flexer sun hat is becoming an increasingly popular and efficient means of sun protection. Unlike sunscreens and other sun protection products, our sun hat does not "run out" and require you to buy more. 

Our team has manufactured our sun hat to be exceptionally wind resistant, and we have made sure it retains its shape through rain, packing, crushing, and washing. If you want to protect your scalp, hair, and face against the sun while being financially savvy, turn to us. You will find that no other field hat can do that job as excellently as Shape Flexer. 

Features of the Shape Flexer Sun Hat 

  • Easily Foldable

You can easily fold and fit your Shape Flexer sun hat into small spaces. This comes in handy when you are carrying compact packs or bags.

  • Waterproof

With the Shape Flexer sun hat, you can keep the rain off your face. We have designed the brim of our sun hat so that it does not buckle even in a torrential downpour.

  • Machine Washable

You do not have to wash your Shape Flexer sun hat by hand! Simply pop the hat in a laundry machine, and sit back while the equipment gets the job done.

  • Secret Storage Pocket

The Shape Flexer sun hat has a hidden cape pocket where you can store your money, cards, or other valuables.

Start Wearing the Shape Flexer Sun Hat

Do you need the right sun hat for your backpacking trips? Purchase your Shape Flexer sun hat today! This product is available in four exciting colors. If you want to learn more, reach out to us at

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